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Giants fight, swinging at clouds.

Molecular holes pierce through blue

body punches and upper cuts at once.

What sounds will wince as cars and buses,

trucks and city scripture crush

under the weight of falling body.


Underground words by rail or chant

cross country to protectors and

protesters, Shaman and trickster.

Wizarding worlds of fictitious futures

stuck in their past, unable to remain in

the present for more than a soundbite.


This is the what is of now we see,

the way of social solitude and global

individualism, as we all share alone.


birch up to my chest

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among the misfits. black, bearded, non photogenic or seen

whom amongst you and i has a job, doesnt have a regular place to sleep in, hasn’t eaten something warm from a blue monthly billed gas flame? you come out from under so rarely

asking as a game. philosophical word play. piñata like colors lined up askew. juxtaposed alone. pale, bleached birch pushed up to the tables. to my chest

i see. hope you don’t see me. i do not want to talk. you either, i know. too many pitches competing. balls and strikes are the same now

leave me alone. stay in your thoughts. ill stay in mine

Blog-Thought: Accretion is Now

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Look closely. Moon or street light. What do you see? Things are rarely what they seem. The trick is to not let feelings influence too much. Highs and lows lie.

Everything matters when one knows thy self. Slowly, nature takes care of it all. White and pink. Fuchsia? Accretion is you.

A beautiful tree in the nebulous light is now.

Now is the self.

Another fuchsia

Musical Chaos

November 3, 2014 § Leave a comment


Some of you might remember mix tapes, CD rings, the bit rate vs. sound quality debate. Yeah?

I umbrella all those topics to nostalgia, so when my synapses and neurological connections feel like this Bansky piece I create a musical listing (what I’m calling a Playlist as I write this since this seems to be the current name as of 2014 Autumn).

There is something about stopping and spending time ordering music, listening?

The feel and tonal cadences slow things down, return to an organic pace. The chaotic brain buzz freezes and forces a precise focus. For me, anyway.

Whatever creating a playlist does, it neutralizes an electric, free-radical existence right away.

If this post triggers anything, order these tracks wherever you list tracks, and see if it does anything for you.

If the link acts dead, input nostalgia in the Word Press search line and all should be okay.

I posted this for a CD Ring I contribute to a couple months back:

Now, for those of you that, blog, app, tweet, or thread, the setlist is @ mgalin1.wordpress.com/?=nostalgia.

The hyper texted post sets-up both the impetus for creation of “Redux: Non Nostalgic Nostalgia” and the CD’s musical theme, premise, and overall musical form. Njoy.

If living a digital life makes the 21st century singular, as it does for me, augment my reality by commenting or adding your own links on any or all of our respective platforms.

How? Search 2multo on your browser of choice or find me on YouTube under both M. Saldivar Galindo and 2multo.


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What does constant pain do to a person?

Pain that is involuntarily given for no reason, I mean. It happens to hundreds, probably thousands ’round the world. It has happened for millennia–if one believes the documented past.

Without a belief in punishable sin from a wrathful God or selfish human privilege, it has taken more than ten years to ask myself the question. Not coincidently, I’d say, brought on by Winston Smith’s Big Brother torture.

Hidden under the “There is no ‘why’ to disease, hardship, unfairness–life is life, ‘Only-the-strong-survive’ and ‘suck-it-up’, mentality”–or the “Don’t be weak” and ask “Why me, why me” upbringing, the asking had not come up.

Until now.

So, again: What does pain do to a person’s everyday, every month, or year?

How has pain played a role in the human scheme of things: Neanderthals, world conflicts, natural disasters? I get sentimental just thinking about it–I am part of the human pain race, part of the proletariat, my pain is one with Oedipus or Trumbo’s Johnny. Generally speaking, of course.

What I am thinking is a collective experience of sorts, beginning with chronic discomfort to unimaginable, almost life ending, torture. Very different–yes, yet they can be blanketed under one, theoretically speaking, human experience.

Now, if that makes sense, let’s return to pain. How many while experiencing pain would have given-up after six months, a year, let alone ten plus? How can the day to day pain not pull one down when the banal pleasures of life that many of us take for granted and have used to get through challenging circumstances, cannot happen without a constant nailing of wrists or debilitatingly iron bar to the ankle, not effect one?

Can I finally forgive myself–initiating myself as a participant to this collective pain, I mean: forgive myself from the relatively recent guilt of craft beer obsession.

Since it is one of the only pain-free moments of the week I can justify how drinking liquid bread is so much less a life-threatening side effect than Prednisone and Methotrexate. Makes sense, right: even though the self nags and nags against the justification?

Am I making sense or just drunk? A few glasses have been rinsed and turned over as I walk the streets at night contemplating. Streaks of light, giant graffiti faces, street corner taquerias, art galleries and five star french cuisine next to taverns and pizza.

I am asking whether daily, weekly, and yearly pain makes a difference for those that feel it–if chronic, auto-immunne conditions warrant a blog post or not?

Whatever your answer, here it is.

Blog-Thought: Simplicity

December 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


The unfinished furrow

It’s work to keep the balance.

Sways and swings too much to the fall or high. Yet, as the masters say, Awareness — be, listen, feel where it goes, comes-from, savor the uniqueness of it all.

All is important. All is where it is. This time is the time.

As simple as that.

Blog-Thought: Drip by Drop

September 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


How much is too much when it comes to people? We are all one huge family, aren’t we. Happy or not? I’m thinking about limits.

Limits limit what? Is it to feel safe, or to shape behavior.  A way to mold our actions because of an unseen fear? Or, is it that one is upset by the actions or words of others, so one sets limits. Questions and more questions. I’ve read it’s a good thing. I tend to agree.

People are people whether they are like us or not. It is easier to handle wanted results than spontaneous surprises. Novice knowledge. To feel in charge one needs order, rules, absolutes. We also know that expecting this ease is unrealistic and naïve. And really, knowing what’s to come is boring. Not knowing creates something new, an exciting adventure — if one is up for it that is. Think I got it.

The fire may get away from us, the flame singe the hair on our arms, yet a lasting impression is made. Yes! Is any kind of impression (+ or -) better than none at all? Another question.

During a natural disaster authoritative canalling or sandbagging is necessary, yet ideally temporary. And like fluid water when dammed, pooled, or forced to channel where it wasn’t meant to, the potential to flood, stagnate, and destroy increases with growing pressure till it overflows unexpectedly. Even ice is not solid forever. The once trusted stability from cold melts and turns to slush drip by drop. The melding thoughts coalesce.

Is sorry better than safe, or the miseducated vice versa? Just a thought. Or, more accurately, a question.

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