Blog-Thought: Accretion is Now

March 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Look closely. Moon or street light. What do you see? Things are rarely what they seem. The trick is to not let feelings influence too much. Highs and lows lie.

Everything matters when one knows thy self. Slowly, nature takes care of it all. White and pink. Fuchsia? Accretion is you.

A beautiful tree in the nebulous light is now.

Now is the self.

Another fuchsia


Free Your Mindful Fears

March 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Getting to the other side. Trying. The fear, as racing rubber spins. The swish of separating air that stalls and stops their step. Holding hands, little girl and man, the mother and two little boys–the Dad in lavender long sleeves. It makes no difference. The fear of death stops anyone from crossing.

The other side: a sidewalk clean, the cactus and the drooping trees. Come on now. You are almost here. Fear is in the siren, the blood on asphalt street across the double solid yellow lines. Its lanes, soon quiet and alone, no cars or motion. Free your mindful fears, keep coming. Almost home. Cross running. You can make it. Hurry up. Almost here. You got it!

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