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August 7, 2014 § Leave a comment


The mysteries of knowledge–forbidden for many, shined upon by a powerful torch: a light of learning. Brightened for those whom seek the truth.

Which imagery brings a negative worldview, which a positive? Saying “the enlightened ones” creates a very different view from that of “the illuminati”, doesn’t it?

From darkness the unknown secrets given light. Once learned, given the same torch to pass-on towards a God-like future for those whom want more than was given to them by culture or a life in dregs. Hubris? Privilege? Power to shape the world’s destiny. Is this conspiracy or pragmatic efficiency?

Our earthly world forged by those who posses these heavenly ideas. The same which Prometheus suffered for, the trickster rabbit shared, the magic of technology provides us now. Away from dies irae toward a utopian survival of the fittest.

Yet, the Sphinx must look-on, sentry to books, ideas, guarding from potential thieves whom can destroy this flammable elixir, this sweet exclusive society. Again, conspiracy or pragmatic efficiency? Which positive, which negative.

The doors are open from west, south, and north: on Flower and 5th Street, another way in through Hope. From under sculptured greatness may your entrance thrive. Alone, one is the bringer of truth: personal truth.


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