Delicate Dilemma

January 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Newness shakes-things-up. No, apologies, not that over-used phrase (in respect to Orwell). Allow me to rephrase: newness is accretion.

In the case of the skyline, obstruction of blue sky, clouds, the spontaneous and majestic flow of birds flying overhead–all, on first account, may seem like gentrification (oh, that fashionably hated word).

Seen distinctly, though, revitalizing, rebuilding, is not as many feel: destroying and aggressively accruing an otherwise uncared-for part of town. It is an addition by taking away from, a use of experience, of knowledge. A newness. Not everyone will gain in the same way, true, yet everyone will gain something.

For many this newness is not an outrageous and disrespectful action to those there before. It is an inevitable product of change of ownership, activism, zoning, protest, deals, political will, profit, authority, and benefits.

Where does newness become a positive for all is the true conflict, isn’t it? When the one effected comes up ahead it is not gentrification, but luck and progress, good fortune even.

Most would rather see something aesthetically pleasing than blight. Smelling fragrant scents versus urine also is nice for a huge majority. Yet, one might also prefer diversity, we get that. So a little sweat, uncomfortable banter with a wheel-chaired beggar, a few blocks of overgrown nature, and gang graffiti is nice, too (to certain segments of the population, that is, including me). I understand. I need that bring-me-back-to-my-roots vibe.

Cultural and financial variety make for a contemporary excitement far better than an old-fashioned segregation for tradition’s sake or sterile, clone-like development of lifeless apartment houses, shopping malls, perfectly landscaped gardens, and parking lots. It’s life. Uncomfortable, unfair, sad, and demoralizing for some. There is no such thing as utopia.

Newness versus stagnation, or upgrades versus beta software, glitches and all, is what we have. At least till .x, It is What it Is (sorry, another over-used phrase). Let me re-word.

At this point and time we are given these choices to ponder, muse, brood and make a decision on. Hence the delicate dilemma. Gentrification or not?

So, here we are: Everything is Connected, Everything. My thoughts: an added versus a taking away equals what?


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