Blog-Thought: Simplicity

December 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


The unfinished furrow

It’s work to keep the balance.

Sways and swings too much to the fall or high. Yet, as the masters say, Awareness — be, listen, feel where it goes, comes-from, savor the uniqueness of it all.

All is important. All is where it is. This time is the time.

As simple as that.


Decades in Seconds

December 9, 2013 § Leave a comment


Dusting off jewel cases, thinking about LPs, reading flash drives for available download space, finding thought-lost Mp3s instead. Only the mirror sees my joyous smirking to myself — it hasn’t been that long.

I walk over to my cassette stacked shelf, some not played in years. I need so much more than storage space, I rue. Blowing off more dust, saying familiar names and titles out-loud, I date cover-photo compositions through flashbacks and forwards. It has been that long. It’s time to fix that deck that went out a few months back, I remind myself. It’s probably the belt like last time.

Enjoying the analogy, digital, magnetic and plastic serendipity is good for me. Decades in seconds.

Where did everything go? All those people that come up when a foot pedal drones back beats or the buzz of an open E string rumbles the floor and that whiff of long brown hair as it passes my face makes me smile again, the sudden sharp edge of the buzzing speaker cabinet against my back as the mob sways and pushes, pulsing a bouncing sweat into my eyes, screeching a ringing soft feedback in my ear till morning.

I wonder who’s playing tonight?

Where Am I?

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