The Banality of Love

November 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


In-line waiting for a screening. No movement. Conversations come in. Out. Eavesdropping about Salinger, movies, Brooklyn vs Los Angeles: the banality of love.

17 minutes later the consensus is that all is perspective. We are pre programmed to whatever we want to emphasize about our biased preferences.

Not what is significant, impactful, or necessary for overall beneficial existence as a successful species, or what might seem meaningful. Altruism is overrated–everything is personal. Narcissistic, if one wants to be blatant.

I remind myself that I kind of already knew that. Hearing it from complete strangers just validates what I’ve witnessed, caught myself doing, suspected from a large part of society.

This serendipitous re-realization just adds a period and crosses a T here and there. And that’s okay.

Humanity is self-serving and selfish. Only the rare, albino, disingenuous people forget about themselves. Survival of the fittest is alive and well.

And, after I contemplate, chew, spit-out the bitter reality, it’s a good thing.

Anything else would be a lie and the end of humanity.


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