Blog-Thought: Drip by Drop

September 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


How much is too much when it comes to people? We are all one huge family, aren’t we. Happy or not? I’m thinking about limits.

Limits limit what? Is it to feel safe, or to shape behavior.  A way to mold our actions because of an unseen fear? Or, is it that one is upset by the actions or words of others, so one sets limits. Questions and more questions. I’ve read it’s a good thing. I tend to agree.

People are people whether they are like us or not. It is easier to handle wanted results than spontaneous surprises. Novice knowledge. To feel in charge one needs order, rules, absolutes. We also know that expecting this ease is unrealistic and naïve. And really, knowing what’s to come is boring. Not knowing creates something new, an exciting adventure — if one is up for it that is. Think I got it.

The fire may get away from us, the flame singe the hair on our arms, yet a lasting impression is made. Yes! Is any kind of impression (+ or -) better than none at all? Another question.

During a natural disaster authoritative canalling or sandbagging is necessary, yet ideally temporary. And like fluid water when dammed, pooled, or forced to channel where it wasn’t meant to, the potential to flood, stagnate, and destroy increases with growing pressure till it overflows unexpectedly. Even ice is not solid forever. The once trusted stability from cold melts and turns to slush drip by drop. The melding thoughts coalesce.

Is sorry better than safe, or the miseducated vice versa? Just a thought. Or, more accurately, a question.


Is it Enough?

September 2, 2013 § Leave a comment


Holiday traffic, like most traffic, sets-things-up. What do I mean? An instant globalization: where do I fit-in?

Am I like the people singing to muted-loud music, distracted by smart phones, or am I one of the oblivious–picking my nose? How little or much do I have in common with these human beings on the same road? Is it enough to just be aware and ask the non-responsive collective unconscious?

I say yes.

Where Am I?

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