Take it In, Wonderful Beings

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


Meds and herbals are a daily reminder of how little time we have to celebrate our existence. Alan Watts talks about this taking-in of life. A kind of “take it all┬áin”. Experience the world, enjoy it as is.

Living, in other words, is simply experiencing this wonderful world. Everything else is unnecessary complication. I agree.

I hear Louis Armstrong’s wonderful song. How he says, essentially, the same thing Watts says, only Satchmo said it decades before. Before Eastern thought and practice permeated. Before popular fasting or Veganism gave one existence. Before ideology branded sound-bite understanding of the universe and packaged it for a fee.

There has been very little newness for millennia, only forgetfulness or denial. Maybe, a desire to complicate for the sake of complicating? We are such wonderfully complicated beings.

Live. Be. Add experience to our precious lives. Notice. Repeat. Don’t complicate it.


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