Under the Oaklawn Bridge

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Reminiscing on Greene & Greene and architecture of another century. The craftsman aesthetic to be exact. Simple design. Concrete, native river rock, basic pillars for support. This forgotten South Pas landmark still holds a powerful presence. As it did over one hundred years ago, this entrance way to something new, arches those that hear its inspiration into the next beginning, path . . . something extraordinary.



Notes From a Bibliophile: Roads

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Roads as a literary theme is ingrained in human history. So simple, yet so universal. It has popular and high brow appeal. Frost’s road, the yellow-bricked musical, Kerouac and McCarthy come right up for me. Here’s one more. This road’s travels begin and end unlike others.

Standing at a wall across from the fiction section at one of my local libraries, names and fonts scanning up and down, sideways and vertical. Instead of going for titles and authors I know or have heard about, this time (as I have done many times before) I reach for a small book that is crammed in-between two imposing 500 plus page tomes. My mandatory test-read piques a checkout. CUT TO


A blogger sits behind his iPad writing. He is 40 something, hard to place ethnically (could be North African, Middle Eastern, Arab or orthodox Jew, yet he is really Latino–Chicano to be exact). His stare into the tablet’s screen says intensity, yet those that know him would disagree. He is wearing a white collared shirt over a grey T.

He looks up to the ceiling in contemplation.

What was so intriguing about that book that
I posted about it?

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