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October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Smaller Screen

Introducing The Smaller Screen

It’s like a drone that is there, easily pushed back to mimic elevator music: sound to listen to if one wants, at the same time, unobtrusive, easily unnoticeable if other sound deserves our attention. Or like cars whirring underneath on the freeway when stopped on an overpass waiting for a green light. Like those people behind the wheel that we will probably never see again, meet, know their personal thoughts. I am thinking about the apparent lightness of the Internet, our social network friends, the moving images we watch on The Smaller Screen. Many times it isn’t light at all, though.

The actions are familiar, yet also “tweaked” (to use a technological/mechanized term). The knowledge we get from websites are as specific as we want or as trivial. The relationships we have on our social networks the same. Some we deepen through physical contact at work, house parties, nights out, yet others stay within the under 200 character limitation and thrive since reading what is on each other’s minds is enough to keep a relationship going–much more than no communication at all I’d say. It fulfills the I-wonder-what-so-and-so-is-doing tendency till the next post.

All this is on the smaller screen. Different than the original Silver Screen or its little brother the Small Screen. The introduction of The Smaller Screen–the screen within the computer screen, has brought us to a new place. We can watch both Silver Screen content and Small Screen content. Not as convincing as their original venue, yet acceptable to our palettes. The Smaller Screen is much more powerful, though. Personal, yet distant. Able to play content that neither the Silver Screen nor Small Screen can play. And we choose how close we want to get, how tight, pixelated or HD. It it our choice.

Full Screen, Half size, Actual size can be paused, skipped, rerun or turned into a personal media Retrospective where thousands can be in attendance, while on another site an exclusive VIP screening can simultaneously play Internet specific content to the paying audience invited via e-blast, invite, viral or familial chat.

And all only on The Smaller Screen. Because of this, because The Smaller Screen has influenced our relationships with people, technology and media so immensely, it is, inarguably, the not-so-new new kid to watch, the one creating a stirring buzz with those on meme alert, the new media mogul to keep on our Blogroll.


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