Simply Walking

April 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Something as simple as walking to school: green spiral notebook in arm, pencil, eraser, two pens in my front pocket. Movement in natural time. Not too fast or slow. Waiting for the traffic light to change to red so I could walk across as the people in their cars looked out to the strangeness of someone not driving down the whirring intersection. I was a school kid again. Have to remember to this again soon. I like the presence of being on foot. Simple things matter in the tumult of the everyday.

Every step begins with a journey.

Every step begins with a journey.


Blog-Thought: Non-Urban Urban Legends

April 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

I had always thought that the flocks of parrots that have flown overhead since a kid, and most recently splattered my car with a chartreuse speckle that reminded me a bit of Abstract Impressionism, had not come from an escaped pair from someone’s left opened cage. I added this story to the list of other urban legends. But, according to a non-urban park ranger I recently met at Pt. Magu, this is actually true. There was even a scientific name given and a picture that explained the phenomena. So, this most recent Blog-Thought is uploaded with a bit of concern: how many other bits of info I thought of as lies are actually true? Is this sunset just a copy of others that have been seen thousands of times before? As of a couple of days I had believed that no two sunsets were ever alike. Some things are better left mysterious. Too much information bores life.

Has this happened before?

Has this happened before?


Malibu Lagoon

April 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

The blue is endless. On the horizon tingling sparkles. White water roars its presence on high and low tide–I am here, have been here, listen. The ocean speaks.

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