Still Connected?

September 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

A coming together of minds.

A coming together of minds.

Most of the world still needs to work. Being financially independent is becoming more and more a norm for more and more people, yet many of us still need to work to do what we want to do. This idea of Everything’s Being Connected applies to work as well. If we are lucky we do what we like and get paid for it; in that (many successful people have said) is the secret to a fulfilling life; “work” doesn’t seem like work; “work” is what keeps us alive if we are doing what we are made to do. The tough part is truly realizing that what we want sometimes isn’t what our body needs to stay healthy. More or less money always seems to come into play with this formula of making work not work. It is crucial to ask this question to oneself once in a while and see what the answer might bring, case and point this entry. Are you on track? Out.


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