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Waiting for light.

Waiting for light.

What does waiting do for us? You know waiting for that ideal job, date, life. Many of us have trouble doing were we are, not waiting for ideal situations, feelings, or circumstances to get started. The over used words of Just Do It really mean much more than what Pop culture has assigned to them. Do with what one has and the ideal will come, the light, not the opposite. In work, play, and life this lesson reveals itself over and over to me. Sitting here waiting for my scheduled appointmemt I am reminded. Thanx subconscious. Out.


Our Worlds Connected

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This beautiful piece connects humanity. Language does not need to be spoken, written, structured, or even conventional as tradition has often declared. If we plainly listen to people without interrupting or having to add our rehearsed say we could better communicate and ultimately understand what it means to be human for all not just ourselves. Try it. Let the other person communicate without judging–see what happens. Out.

The First Time: Impulsive and/or Calculated

August 18, 2008 § 3 Comments

I am reading Malcolm Gladwell’s blink. I haven’t had the patience for fiction recently. The last piece I was able to start and finish in a few days like I used to when I was guided by the fictitious worlds of authors was Mr. Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Non-fiction takes up most of my reading now, and poetry. From what the most recent stats I remember reading about say, I am the anomaly. If the statistics are still as my memory tells me, only poets, teachers, and the students that are assigned the poems, read poetry in the 21st century. This short attention span is why another blog is now up. Is the pace of our impulsive existence a Sign of the Times as one of my Princely musical fathers recorded, or has the appearance of this jagged, jittery, and scattered genre calculated to fit the same, too much info, nothing is forbidden knowledge, Look what I think, mentality? Perfect example–I am bored already: distracted, looking out onto the traffic on Interstate 5 out my window. What’s going on in San Diego and San Francisco? I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Louis. Out.

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